Shortcuts to Happy!

April 22, 2015


Does negative feedback leave you feeling negative?  Turn it around!! If you are criticised – try not to take it to heart – listen, learn and then move on.  With practice you will learn to re-interpret criticism and not let it impact on your self esteem.
Control your calendar by working out what is really work vs what isn’t.  “Work” is activities that advance you towards the life you want – if they aren’t then they are not work!  So, if you have to do something – minimise it by giving it a short, defined time slot.
Life will never be perfect – it’s time to come to terms with that.  There will always be bills to pay, family dramas, illness, rude people.  Accept that problems are a just a part of life – this will set you on a happier, more contented road.
Put yourself in the other person’s shoes – you are far more likely to achieve what you want.

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