HOW TO REMEMBER FACTS (and seem smarter)

September 22, 2015
1.  Read things in books, not online!
Scientists believe that we form a less profound mental link with things we read on line, as we often click on the next link before we have processed what we are reading!. It is only when we ready deeply and without distraction that we are able to make rich mental connections.  That’s why we still remember things from the books we read at school, but don’t remember what we read on the internet yesterday.
2.  Look out for facts that grab your attention!
The more interesting or unusual a fact is, the more likely you will remember it.
3.  Use mnemonics!
Set yourself a new thing to learn each week  and make up a mnemonic to remember them. For example – use a nursery rhyme, a song, or the colours of the rainbow and associate them with your new learning.
4.  Use your imagination!
Many of us try to remember lists of things with our left brain – which controls rational, logical thought – but if we harness the creative right side as well it helps us to remember better.  Try this exercise taken from an ancient system used by the Romans:Get a friend to write down a list of 20 random objects.  Then spend 3 minutes looking at the list and imagine those objects in different places around your bedroom.   Exaggerate the items in your mind.  After the 3 minutes is up see how many you can write down – you’ll remember a lot more than you would have done if you had just tried to learn the list.
5.  Learn stuff other people don’t know!
Learn a few obscure, interesting facts that you can drop into conversations making you seem incredibly knowledgable.

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