How to deal with a DIFFICULT Boss…

March 5, 2015

Most of us have had, or will have a difficult boss at some point in our lives. We need to learn “managing-up” skills to become more successful and happier in our job. Here are some ways to do that

  1. BE REALISTIC – no matter what the situation is, remember that you are two human beings doing the best you can. All of us can have bad days!!



  1. DON’T CAVE – sometimes it may seem easier to take the easy way out, but if you firmly believe in something, you will feel better about yourself if you stick to your guns.


  1. DON’T JUMP THE GUN – Don’t assume there are problems – relationships take time to develop and for people to feel comfortable with one another. If the situation escalates, take notes. Details will support you if you need to approach your boss to talk about it.


  1. IDENTIFY THE SPECIFIC PROBLEM – Understand what you don’t like about your boss’s behaviour and why – this will help you to develop talking points when you approach him/her.


  1. INITIATE A CONVERSATION – Don’t wait for your boss to call you in or for your formal performance review. Take the bull by the horns and schedule a meeting.


  1. TONE IT DOWN – when you talk with your boss, choose the right words. Take responsibility for your part in the dynamic.


  1. PUT YOURSELF IN HIS SHOES – When you approach your boss try to imagine what he cares about or how he views things. Try and frame your comments in a way that makes him feel that what you are proposing benefits him.


  1. DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO – Don’t slack off or lose interest because of your boss’s behavior – keep your mind focused on top performance


  1. DON’T REACT TO A BULLY – If your boss is a yeller, a criticizer or a judge – stand firm. Hold your head up high and don’t give in to bullying. Ask questions and work to defuse the situation – it takes practice, but it is worth it.


KEEP A GOOD ATTITUDE AT WORK – Go home and complain to your spouse or friends, but while in the workplace, stay upbeat and engaged

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